LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE - Tecnica mista su tela - cm. 80 x 80 - 2010The Curatrix Dr. Maria Gabriella Morello interviews the artist about his painting “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.”

Dr. Morello: Each time chooses and rebuilds its own past. And it’s as if new eyes, new sensitivities, settling on things, would return unknown dimensions and values. So the past is full of future; minds disappear, only things remain, such as the works of art. Dr. Pietròpoli, can you tell us please what’s the meaning that your painting “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” wants to express? I know that it was exposed at the Cielo Gallery in London in 2011, as selected among the finalists of the Don International Art Prize”.

Dr. Pietròpoli: The foreground figure is proposed to transfer the emblematic icon of the “King-leader” of the “Magna Europe”, where existed the distinction between civil and religious authorities, on the dimension of the political and spiritual leaders of our time. In particular, it seeks to nourish this contemporary perspective by placing as a centre of gravity of the individual’s personality, more than the right, the duty of man, as expressed in the fullness of the sense of responsibility and II foto ultima news - Donkey 21participation, or, in the awareness of a role-oriented research of the Common Good, to be achieved by approaching the ideal of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, according to the original meaning of the motto which titles the painting.

Dr. Morello: Really the idea of command expressed in this sort of “armor” that covers the “King-leader” seems to be intended to evoke the need of “welding” between the exercise of political power and guide function of a superior ethics which is able to place him in harmony with the social dimension that belongs to him. Can you also tell us, Master, why you decided to take this particular choice of the green colour?

Dr. Pietròpoli: As you noticed, the colour that dominates the canvas, not surprisingly, is the Green one, directed to remind the concept that human beings have equal dignity as children of the same Earth, albeit with differences to be recognized, as it appears inadequate to treat equally unequal realities, that’s why it’s a material Green as well.

TERZA FOTO PER ULTIMA NEWSDr. Morello: I’m interested to know if there is a reason why you chose to represent this figure not in all its wholeness…

Dr. Pietròpoli: On a personal level, I hardly conceived, in my abstract mind, the beauty that you could hide in a so partial face, where the soul seems to have no face and almost unspeakable, but it reveals itself when communicating an emotion, when it convenes its partner that’s in us. Thus, this image opens a long and never-ending dialogue with myself: this incompleteness of the figure is in fact a sign of the incompleteness of my life and my destiny; no power, no greatness are really such as to break the course of time and win our end.

London, 30/12/2010